OB Resident


Your Obstetrics and Gynaecology rotation at Brampton Civic Hospital will be divided into in-hospital Labour and Delivery experiences and outpatient gyne clinics (a mix of Healthy Sexuality Clinics and self-scheduled gyne clinics).

Residents will be scheduled to work 12 and 24 hour shifts while on Labour and Delivery. Shifts start at 0800h and end at either 2000h or 0800h the following day. Please arrive 15 minutes early to shifts and introduce yourself to the OB on call, ROTA on call, charge nurse and clerical staff for that day.

Residents will be scheduled to work 36-48 hours on labour and delivery per week and are expected to also attend their Behavioural Science half days and half days back at their Family Practice.

Any requests for vacation must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to the rotation starting and will be considered on a first come, first served basis if multiple Residents request the same time off. Please make all vacation requests through MedPortal.

Residents who request maximum vacation during this rotation (2 weeks) will be required to make up any shifts or portions of shifts which are missed in order to meet minimum attendance requirements for this rotation.

Last minute schedule changes, trades or requests must be made to BramptonObstetrics@gmail.com and will be accommodated only when feasible.

The OB on call room is located at S3 075 and the key to this room is kept in the Resident Evaluation binder on Labour and Delivery. This binder is located in the Physician's Lounge in Labour and Delivery. Please be sure to put the key back for oncoming Resident colleagues.

Evaluation forms can be found in the same binder. These must be completed with every shift either by the OB on call, ROTA on call or ideally both. Completed forms can be put in the envelope directly after the evaluation is complete. Please do not bring completed evaluations home.

You will have an orientation to the rotation on the first day of your rotation. Here you will learn the objectives and expectations, be given a date for your OSCE and reference materials for your learning.

This rotation presents a tremendous learning opportunity and we look forward to helping you achieve your educational goals.