Care of the Elderly


Residents in their second year will complete a month long rotation in Geriatric Medicine. The program continues to improve with our new rotation director, Dr. James Young, who has taken on the position in 2016. He and the other Geriatric and Family Medicine staff involved in geriatric care are very open to effecting change to best support our learning goals based on resident feedback throughout the rotation.

There are 2 weeks of Geriatric Outpatient clinics where residents play a key role in interviewing patients and their families in a multidisciplinary setting to assess the geriatric giants and manage their concerns. Residents will also participate in home visits where appropriate.

The other 2 weeks of the rotation will be spent as part of the Geriatric Consultation Service where patients are seen through the emergency department or wards at BCH and EGH and participate in ongoing inpatient management.

Residents will be provided a resource of articles to help review key topics in geriatrics for reference throughout their rotation. There are no overnight call duties or weekends! Residents will be expected to present a geriatric topic of interest to the multidisciplinary team at least once during their rotation.

An incoming component to resident involvement in Geriatric care will be horizontal participation in long-term-care facilities as horizontal half days during Family Medicine blocks if not already incorporated in their preceptor's practice.