Internal Medicine

First Year- 1 month of General Internal Medicine

First Year - 1 Month Of Internal Medicine

R1s will complete a month of varying 8 hour shifts, including weekends, under the supervision of an Internal Medicine staff person. There is an average of 3-4 shifts per week. The shifts are straight consults only- we stay around the ER and accept the consults coming in from the ER physicians. If the patient is admitted there is transfer of care to either the hospitalists, cardiologists, or ICU physicians. You see patients on your own and review each case with your supervisor. You may also take part in code blues that occur during your shift.

There is one week of inpatient consult service that includes seeing outpatients in the urgent medical clinic as well.

There can also be one week of ICU incorporated in the GIM rotation Monday to Sunday. This will involve rounding with patients in the morning, participating in the Support team, and may include various procedures such as central line insertion, paracentesis, thoracocentesis and chest tubes.

A lot of residents say that the internal rotation was their favourite!

Second Year


R2s will arrange 1-2 months of Internal Medicine / Surgery Selectives

Internal Medicine options include rotations in
- Palliative Care, Oncology
- Ambulatory Internal Medicine Clinics; including Urgent Care
- Specialty outpatient clinics
- Community specialist clinics

They may alternatively partake in a more responsible role during another inpatient Hospitalist or GIM rotation with a similar schedule to 1st year. (Particularly of interest to those residents who plan to become MRP for their patients in hospital).

Throughout the year Educational Rounds:

  1. Internal Medicine Rounds are held bi-weekly for all residents during the noon hour with lunch provided!
  2. Residents recently completing their IM rotation will present around a case during the IM rounds with feedback available from a staff supervisor.
  3. IM Rounds will also include presentations from staff.
  4. Soon to be implemented are Resident-as-Teachers opportunities to do bedside teaching rounds with our peers.