Our Program

Our curriculum consists of two years of month-long block based rotations. Family medicine half days occur horizontally each week throughout the residency program at the residents' Teaching Practice. There is generally one R1 one R2 learner at each of these practices.

Once weekly, all of our 20 current residents reconvene together for teaching that varies based on their current rotation. Evidence Based Medicine rounds occur in the morning. There is then a half day a week of Family Medicine (Academic Half Day) teaching for residents on their core FM rotation. That afternoon, we partake all together in alternating Practice Based Small Group Learning and Noon hour rounds. The day is completed with McMaster's unique Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences program that incorporates Primary Care specific psychiatry teaching and case reviews.

Academic Half Day lectures from McMaster are regularly broadcast to Brampton throught OTN network although residents are invited to attend in person whenever suitable. Mandatory lecture series in Hamilton are occasionally organized during the residency program, especially during the Block 7 Academic Block, with residents having ample notice to arrange the ~1hr travel time by car. Travel for these trips are reimbursed by the program.

All residents are expected to complete a Quality Assurance Project during their 2 year residency and will ultimately present their findings orally and by poster in Brampton and Hamilton.

Here is a sample schedule of our two-year program:

First Year:

r1-yearSecond Year: