The Practice Based Small Group (PBSG) sessions are held on Wednesdays from noon until 1 pm alternating with Internal Medicine Rounds. Regular resident attendance is expected unless post-call. Two facilitators - Dr. Alessandra Polombo and Dr. Elen Kostopoulos, look forward to guiding the sessions. PBSG sessions are designed to help residents enhance their knowledge and integrate new information into their practice while having fun. The PBSG uses an interactive educational approach to continuing professional development. Rather than a traditional didactic lecture format, the PBSG sessions will focus on discussion of modules composed of real cases and evidence based information. The residents are encouraged to review the PBSG module prior to each session and to bring their own cases to discuss. The goal of the program is to facilitate the transition from learning as part of a formal training program, to a commitment to self-directed continuing medical education, which will assist our graduates throughout their medical careers.