Woodbridge Family Physicians


Thanks for checking out our Woodbridge teaching site led by our two primary preceptors, Dr. Sidenberg and Dr. Klar. Our learning environment is supported by four other family physicians, including Dr. Arielle Rochman who graduated from our program. We are proud to have been a part of McMaster’s Family Medicine Teaching Centre since its inception. We enjoy immensely the vibrancy residents bring to our office and love the opportunity to prepare the next generation of Family Physicians.

The Woodbridge community has been our base for over 25 years, but our convenient location allows us to serve a broader multicultural catchment area. Drs. Klar and Sidenberg are both experienced doctors, linked to William Osler Health System through their roles in the ER and administrative leadership. Dr. Klar and Dr. Sidenberg have both been President of the Professional Staff Association and Dr. Sidenberg was the Site chief for Family Medicine for over 12 years. Dr. Klar is currently the Site Director for the WOHS residency program.

We work in the FHO model and have been using an EMR for many years. We work collaboratively with a RN and Social Worker in our office and are looking to add other interprofessional colleagues in the future. We have a Lab and DI department in our building and many local colleagues with whom we regularly work in our office complex and community.


We are proud to have several 4-generation families for whom we provide care and can deal with a great Grand mother, a grand father, a pregnant mother and a child on the same day. We do a lot of preventative care, chronic disease management and same day illness care for patients of all ages and provide a strong exposure to interdisciplinary senior and long-term care at the facilities where we work. Our team also does travel medicine, varied minor office procedures and home visits to geriatric, disabled and palliative patients. Dr. Sidenberg has a Methadone license and provides addiction and pain management to patients. Dr. Klar provides care to disabled patients from a group home and helps cover the Medical Assessment Unit at the hospital. Dr. Rochman now provides enhanced exposure to Women’s Health as well.

Woodbridge Family Physicians’ strengths range from the comprehensiveness of our practice and the diversity of our patients to the added exposure to Chronic Disease
management and long-term care. We pride ourselves on offering personal attention and hands on support to our residents as well as the collaborative team approach to Primary Care. We look forward to having you join us.

Woodbridge Family Physicians